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Brownie Muffins: vegan and gluten free

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Brownie Muffins: vegan and gluten free Vegano Puntosmile Sin Gluten Puntosmile
Punto Smile

Nuts and chocolate, sooooo much chocolate! The brownie is the favorite of chocolate lovers. Our surprise because not only does it have a light texture, but it also melts in your mouth!

Ingredients: 70% dark chocolate, sugar, vegetable margarine, organic virgin coconut oil, Orgran Easyegg, organic applesauce, biodine gluten-free flour. Mica, organic gluten-free vegetable milk, cocoa, natural vanilla, yeast >> Allergens: Might have traces of egg, dairy and other nuts.

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Punto Smile Muffins
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Punto Smile Muffins
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