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In Puntosmile we make 100% homemade food and pastry with natural products. We always look for that point of happiness that our creative recipes, original flavors and good teamwork offer us, to get the smile of our customers. Hence Our name, Puntosmile.

We are a different place with a lot of passion for quality and authenticity. We look for local and international recipes working with natural ingredients and with local suppliers.

Since 2005, we enjoy our trade day after day. In our center of Sarriá we have twice received the award for the best establishment in the neighborhood. A recognition that fills us with joy and makes us want to continue our journey. And open a new path with our new 100% GLUTEN-free workshop.

Punto Smile


Enjoy the dishes we prepare from Monday to Friday in our shops. Also in 'take away' format.

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Bulgur with vegetables / salmon and vegi burgers.
Oriental couscous with caramelised vegetables and chickpeas.
Thai rice with vegetables, coconut milk and curried chicken.
Wholemeal Quinoa with vegetables, seaweed, grilled tofu / seitan.

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• Wholemeal rice with vegetables and chicken curry with sesame
•Wholemeal pasta with fresh basil pesto
• Wholemeal spelt pasta with vegetables and parmiggiano
• Pumpkin or carrot / curry / ginger cream
• Salad of lettuce, crudités, cheeses or hummus

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'You are what you eat!' That's why in Puntosmile we look for the best, the healthiest and most natural.

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We strive to use compostable, recycled and recyclable materials to pack our homemade cakes and other products. In order to minimize our bio-impact. And we continue dreaming and working on new solutions that involve our customers.

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'You are what you eat!', we look for the best and most natural and, if possible, Organic. And it shows when you eat it. It is good for your body and also for the palate! Organic brown rice, organic quinoa, wholemeal spelt flour, homemade vanilla sugar with real vanilla branches, seasonal fruits and vegetables, natural and roasted coffee in Barcelona... and much more! And of course, without artificial essences, without emulsifiers and without stabilizers (that's why we have few cakes with cream.)

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We work with solar thermal water thanks to an installation that allows us to heat the water with solar energy. We have chosen the machines with special attention to their energy consumption. We have chosen natural or ecological materials: reclaimed wood, natural slate, stone ceramics , recovered crystals ... In our stores you can taste all our products and you have the option to take them home: quiches, cakes, prepared dishes, juices and much more. And also gluten-free options.

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We care about the environment, that's why one of our vans is 100% electric.


In our shops you can taste all our products and you have the option to take them home: quiches, cakes, prepared dishes, juices and more... also gluten-free options. Our coffee is from “Cafés el Magnífico”, roasted in Barcelona. We offer organic, porridge oat and soy milks. We prepare natural juices and smoothies instantly and in front of you, always with seasonal fruit. In Sarriá you will find us in the center of the neighborhood, it is worth a break! In Esplugues, we are located between two supermarkets with parking, which will make it very easy for you to come visit us and take one of our cakes or have a good coffee with a piece of apple crumble. In both stores we also have several gluten-free options.

Punto Smile

Puntosmile Sarrià
Passeig Reina Elisenda de Montcada, 8, 08017 Barcelona
Tel. 935 535 207 - info@puntosmile.com
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Punto Smile

Puntosmile Esplugues
Av. dels Països Catalans, 8-10, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat
Tel. 933 723 237 - info@puntosmile.com
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