Punto Smile

Spinach, vegetables, raisins and feta cheese Coca

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Spinach, vegetables, raisins and feta cheese Coca
Punto Smile

Thin base with a part of wholemeal flour, 100% homemade fried tomato, this version with its spinach and baked vegetables combined with feta cheese and raisins, is both very tasty and healthy !! Ingredients: Spinach, baked vegetables (courgettes, carrots, peas), virgin olive oil, homemade fried tomatoes, grated cheese, garlic, oregano, salt, raisins, feta cheese, flour, wholemeal flour, yeast

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a strip
Punto Smile 3 portions or 12 portions "pica-pica"
Baking sheet 33/39cm
Punto Smile 9 portions or 36 portions "pica-pica"
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Si quieres compartir tu producto con más personas, te lo entregaremos cortado, así únicamente lo sacas del embalaje y lo pones en la mesa.
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