Punto Smile

Birthday brownie vegan y glutenfree

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Birthday brownie vegan y glutenfree Vegano Puntosmile Sin Gluten Puntosmile
Punto Smile

Nuts and chocolate, sooooo much chocolate! The brownie is the favorite of chocolate lovers. Our surprise because not only does it have a light texture, but it also melts in your mouth!

Perfect size to share between 25-30 people, for example in class or at a birthday party. Tell us the name and the years you want to put in "Delivery information" in the field "Make a gift?"

Ingredients: 70% dark chocolate, sugar, vegetable margarine, organic virgin coconut oil, Orgran Easyegg, organic apple puree, biodynamic gluten-free flour, organic gluten-free vegetable milk, cocoa, natural vanilla, yeast, powdered sugar, water >> Allergens: Could contain traces of egg, dairy and other nuts.



From our workshop to your house only in 24 hours
Rectangular Mould 22/23cm (BROWNIE)
Punto Smile 25 - 30 portions
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